KE32—30 x 60 mesh
Effective Size—0.3-0.4 mm

An excellent, multi-purpose sand with various uses such as bricking and flooring mixes

BSHOT—50 x 70 mesh
Effective Size—0.2-0.3 mm

An excellent, finer sand with various uses such as geothermal application

F70—50 x 140 mesh
Effective Size—0.1-0.2 mm

An excellent Foundry grade sand used in foundries for casting material and other uses.

All Purpose

For floor grading, mortar mixes, patio stone layout and leveling and many other uses.

Filter Gravel—1/4 x 1/8

Larger grade gravel used in large filters and also used for fish aquariums. Used in epoxy flooring applications. 

K & E Sand and Gravel
Supplier of Industrial Specialty Sands