WL—20 x 40 mesh

K&E White Lightning is a general, all-purpose sand blasting material.  It is perfect for use in automotive body shops.

Black Magic—12 x 40 mesh

K&E Black Magic is a very coarse, sharp grit silica-free sand.  It is a good sand for blasting heavy rust and will give a deep profile cut.

Black Magic—20 x 40 mesh

K&E Black Magic is a 100% coal product.  It is a medium grit silica-free sand.  It’s a good blasting material for concrete, pipe, metal frames, bridges, farm equipment and many other uses.

Enviroblast—20 x 40 mesh

K&E Enviroblast is a good silica-free sand for blasting  strong rust, thick paint, boats, abrasives, epoxy flooring  and bridges just to name a few.  This product originates from illuminate ore.


K & E Sand and Gravel
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