K & E Sand and Gravel has various materials to use for many applications.  We sell both Silica and Non-silica materials.

Some of these would be as follows:   

Sand blasting materials
(various grades of Non-Silica product)

Silica Sands used in the geothermal process

Well gravels used in the filtration systems                                                                        (passing all AWWA and B100 specs)

Silica Sands used in flooring applications

Industrial sands used in the bricking industry

Various polishing materials

Gravel used in bird food mixes

Gravels and Silica Sands used in testing units for various applications

K & E Sand offers a wide range of Industrial sands and gravels.                                         The list above is a general list of our most common uses.

Please feel free to call us and our sales person will gladly try to meet your needs.




K & E Sand and Gravel
Supplier of Industrial Specialty Sands